Yes, there are places to get reliable music downloads

Downloading music has become one of the most popular ways to enjoy music today. Finding reliable music downloads and music download sites has become the next challenge. You can get reliable music downloads from various resources. You can get music downloads from pay-per song sites like Wal mart music downloads, Emusic, Musicmatch, Napster etc. or you can use file-sharing programs or networks.

reliable music downloads The pay-per song sites have a large selection music downloads and you can choose individual songs or entire albums. Each song price ranges between .79 to .99 cents depending on the site you choose. You may choose any song you want to compile your own special CD and burn it yourself. or listen to it on your portable Mp3 player.

File-sharing networks are 100% legal but the lawyers are still out on whether the sharing of the music on these networks are legal. You will have to make your own decision on this controversial topic. The music downloads are reliable and you don't have to worry about corrupt files or viruses. These networks usually have a yearly fee and you can download as many songs as you like. Some even have one lifetime time fee. A great program for the money.

reliable music downloads Then you have the free file-sharing programs like Kazaa, Ares, Limewire, etc. These free programs allow you to get music for free, but they are not always reliable downloads. You may end up with broken files, corrupt files, viruses or even something you didn't ask for in the form of an undesirable picture if you know what I mean.

Reliable music downloads can be found if you look in the right places. Follow these links and they will take you to several articles about reliable music download sites.

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