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There has been an increase in pay music downloads sites. The difficulty comes when you are trying to figure out which one is the best for you. That depends on several things and that is why you are here. I am going to list for you the things you want to know before you invest in a music downloads store that offers pay music downloads.

How are you going to use your downloads

When you purchase your music downloads you need to know how you will use them. Here is an example:

* Will they be played on your computer only

* Do you want to transfer them to a listening device

* What format is compatible with you computer and listening device

* Do you want to make a CD

* Is there a limit on how many times you can burn or transfer

* Is there a monthly fee or do you just pay-per song

* Price per download or album

Will they be played on your computer only?

You will find that some pay music downloads can only be played on the computer that they where downloaded. Some offer limited transfer between computers, but make sure whatever they offer it is inline with what works for you.

Do you want to transfer them to a listening device?

Once you know if your downloads can be used away from your computer you need to know if it can be used on a listening device. Of course the listening device I am mainly speaking of are portable Mp3 players. There are many different types of Mp3 players on the market and each offers something different. Your main concern should be are the pay music downloads you have acquired will work on your particular Mp3 player. The format of your music download must be compatible with the formats that are excepted by your player. If the formats are incompatible your listening enjoyment just became unenjoyable. So if you will be using your newly acquire downloads on a portable Mp3 player read your manual for your player and make sure they match.

What format is compatible with your computer and listening device?

There are several digital music formats that are on the market. Pay music downloads will come in one of these formats:

*MP3 (MP3 Audio File)

*WMA (Windows Media Audio File)

*WAV (Windows Audio File)

*ASF (Windows Media File)

*AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) Apple products

Depending on your computer and the operating system you are running will depend if a particular sound format will play. Most PC's running a Windows based operating will work with the first 4 formats. The last format AAC is an Apple based sound format. iTunes uses this format for their pay music downloads. This format can be converted to an Mp3 format but you have to have the correct software to do that.

Portable Mp3 players will play most of these formats. Older Mp3 players only play Mp3 files. The newer models on players will now play Mp3, WMA and WAV files. iPod will only play AAC files. So if you purchase an iPod and you have many Mp3 files, they will have to be converted before they will play on your player.

Do you want to make a CD?

Now that you have downloaded your favorite songs, you want to listen to them away from your computer. Sure you have a Mp3 player, but what if you want to listen to your music in your car. I don't know about you, but I've tried to listen to my portable Mp3 player in my car. Take it from me it is not safe. Hopefully you have a CD player in you car and if you do you are in luck. Just burn the tunes you want to hear onto a CD. This will take two things, a CD burner on your computer and software to burn the CD. If you have a newer computer you might have both right at your finger tips. If not you can get a CD burner for under $40 and it will come with software. If your computer already has a burner then most music listening programs will have the ability to burn CD's for you.

Burning a CD is a simple process. From your list of songs all you do is drag that song to a window in your software. Once you use the available space on the CD you push the burn button and in a few minutes you have a playable CD for you car or any CD player.

Is there a limit on how many times you can burn or transfer?

Check to make sure what the limit is for transferring or burning your music. Some pay music downloads sites will limit your use of the downloads.

Is there a monthly fee or do you just pay-per song?

You will find some pay music download sites offer a membership on a monthly or yearly basis. This will give you the ability to download several songs a month with no extra charges. Some will have individual songs at a lower per song price. It all depends on how many song you want and how often you want to download music.

Price per download or album.

The major pay music download sites will have pay-per song downloads at about .79 to .99 cents and entire CDs starting at $10 You can find pay music downloads from many places. You just want to be sure that the place you are getting them from is safe and legal. Sure you can get songs free from P2P software like KaZaA, but do you want to risk the chance of being caught for downloading illegal music. Be safe.

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