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When looking for music downloads you need to find good reliable music downloads stores. Here at The NetGuide I want to do just that, help you make an educated decision on how and where you get your music downloads. Music downloads stores or sites that offer music downloads are all over the Internet. The problem is finding a good reliable site with a huge database on songs.

music downloads stores

There are free file-sharing programs that will allow you to download music for free from other peoples computers. This is a very controversial issue and has been deemed illegal by the RIAA (Music Industry). The people that use this form of music downloading risk the chance of not only getting in trouble with the law, but also possibly ruining their computer with corrupt files, viruses and the chance of downloading pornographic material.

music downloads stores

Safe reliable music downloads stores

The best places to get your music is through pay music downloads stores. The most popular are Wal mart music downloads, Musicmatch, Napster, Emusic etc. These music downloads stores have a variety of plans available for the consumer. Some offer the ability to purchase individual songs from .79 to .99 cents. That way you can buy what song you like with out purchasing an entire album. If you do want an album or entire CD of songs you just buy what you want with nothing else to purchase. No contracts or fees. Then listen to your music on you mp3 player or burn it to CD.

Then there are those that have a monthly fee that allow you a certain number of downloads per month. This can workout to be as little as .22 cents a download for some plans. Some of these plans also include internet radio for your computer. That is CD quality music anywhere you have access to a computer, at work even.

Music download networks

Music download networks are sites the cost about the price of one CD but allows you to download an unlimited amount of songs. They have monthly, yearly and even lifetime memberships. These networks are completely legal and the music selection they offer is endless. There is some speculation on the validity on transferring music using these networks, but the jury is still out on this. People by the thousands are still using this form of music downloading to add to their music library. Use the Nav bar to your left to read about the music downloads stores I've discussed here or follow the links provided below.

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