Illeagal music downloads can be worth more than you think.

Downloading music has become a very popular way of getting music. This has made illeagal music downloads a problem for many die hard downloaders. College campuses have been the main culprit of these illeagal music downloads because of the high speed computer connections that are available in college dorms. Several colleges have placed bandwidth limitations on downloading so that these illegal downloads become difficult to get or at least take longer to download. Many colleges are also joining forces with pay-per song music downloads stores to help stop the abuse of illegally downloading music.

What makes these downloads illeagal

illeagal music downloads

These illeagal music downloads are being acquired with P2P (peer to peer) file-sharing programs. The software that is being used are programs like KaZaA, KaZaA Lite, Limewire, Ares Music, iMesh, WinMX, etc. These programs connect individual computers over the Internet and allow them to share or download data between each other. The use of P2P software is not illegal. What is illegal is what is being transfered or shared. If copyrighted music or software is being shared and it was not purchased properly, then that is illegal. Illeagal music downloads are illegal because someone is acquiring music they did not purchase. Music was copied from a legitimate source and now it is being shared without compensating the record company or artist.

This is the simplified version of a fierce battle with the music industry and illeagal music downloads. To find more information on free or legal music downloads use the buttons to your left or follow the links at the bottom.

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