Wal-Mart Music Downloads, Napster and other legal digital music download sites

Digital music download sites have become a very popular way to acquire music. Ever since file-sharing programs entered the hard drives of our computers, people have wanted the best place for music downloads. Music companies have had to figure out what to do about illegal music downloads and the music download web site.

The legal battle continues but they have fought back by offering the consumer a legal alternative. These sites let you get what music you want, from who you want, when you want.

digital music download

These music download sites include, believe it or not, Napster, with over 500,000 digital music downloads, eMusic, where you can get 50 free music downloads just for starters, Yahoo! Music Unlimited, who has a great membership package, Rhapsody, which offers a very nice two-week free trial, and one of my favorites iTunes and with their “Always Low Prices” is the Wal-Mart music download, with songs as low as .88 cents.

Legal music download sites or pay-per-song music programs let you pay for the songs you want. No more buying entire CD’s just for that one maybe two popular hits. Prices range from .79 to .99 per song. If you want an entire CD it only costs around $10 through these music download sites.

Some of these programs feature more than just music downloads. For instance, Rhapsody and Yahoo! Music offer intenet radio which feature many programmable, commercial-free radio stations.

digital music download Check out the information provided about these legal music download sites and compare, because it can make a difference in the price you pay. Of course you want to find the price that best fits your budget, but you should also check and see what else these sites have to offer before you make your final decision.

Ultimately you will be able to start or add to your current music library with high-quality, legal digital music downloads from legitimate music download sites. The great benefit is that once you purchase your music you may download and burn free music CDs or transfer it to a portable listening device.

Top Digital Music Download Sites to find Legal High-Quality Downloads

WalMart.....gift cards and .94 cent downloads

Napster.....lots of music downloads and free trial

eMusic.....50 free music downloads...WOW!!!

Yahoo! Music Unlimited....commercial-free radio and much, much more

Rhapsody....14-day free trial

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