A little info about me

Hi and thanks for clicking onto this web site. With so many sites out there I count it a privilege that you have even come this far to see who puts this site together. Well, enough with the thanks.

My name is John and as you may have read on the home page this site came together as a result of me searching for music downloads on the web. I figured since I have all this knowledge I might as well share it and I can find no better place than the Web.

I could sit down and talk to two or three people or I can use this great technology and talk to hundreds, maybe even thousands……a day.

WOW!!! What a wonderful age we live in.

I am married with two kids and two dogs, Champ and Shadow. I have a koi pond with six fish(I would name them for you, but I don’t want to seem like that big of a geek) and I am a band director.

I love teaching. It gives me the opportunity to share my love and knowledge of music with students. It feels really good when you see the light shining in a students face when you know they understand and finally get it. I work with elementary, middle(which is the best) and high school(which is the toughest, you know, they know it all anyway).

I guess that is why I'm doing this site. It’s sort of like teaching. I mean, I’m sharing with you about something I know and love. Music. And hopefully you will have that light shining on you when you discover what you have been looking for.

Along with teaching, I love to create(maybe that’s the musician in me). When I was young I would build scale models. Any kind of model. Cars, planes, action figures….I even remember building a ten speed bicycle. OK…I confess I still build models even as an adult. I have two that I have been working on for quite some time. Hopefully I can finish them over the summer.

Well, I could go on and on, but you don’t have all day. You came to find great music at a great price from a great site……so Click Here to go back to the home page and don’t leave without finding that perfect site or sites to start or add to your music or movie library.

If you do have a question you would like to ask me, just fill in the form.

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